Last Week of April – Update

This last week of April I begin some new Family 1 Dog Classes with Cari Bowe of Shasta Dog Training on Monday and a Rally Obedience Class on Wednesday.
This Saturday is the Love Your Pet Expo and I look forward to offering AKC Canine Good Citizen testing for the public as well as doing a few demos with my dogs and having a booth. So please stop by and visit – Tell your friends – Bring a friend. All donations at the Expo go to local Animal Rescue groups. Visit

No Such Thing as a Perfect Dog

I was recently reading some posts in response to a column written in the local newspaper. The column mentioned the joys and trials of bringing home an adopted dog and the opinions and posts of the readers showed a lack of awareness and education concerning dogs in general so these are my thoughts in response to that article and the subsequent posts of the readers.
According to most statistical research the #1 reason dogs are in shelters, rescues and euthanized is due to behavioral problems. However the belief that all shelter/rescue dogs have problems is erroneous thinking. Likewise thinking all dogs coming from breeders are without problems is also erroneous. Many dog behavior problems can be solved through positive reinforcement techniques, exercise, training and dog sport activities.
It is important to remember ALL dogs are unique individual beings with unique individual personalities, so one training method does not fit all dogs or all people. We would never suggest that all children, all ages, all circumstances should be educated and disciplined the same. It is also important to realize dominating, punishment techniques have been long out-dated with children and yet we still maintain some erroneous punishment techniques with dogs.
It is important for all of us to become educated and more informed. Having a dog is a responsibility and a privilege. Come. Sit. Stay. Learn about the wonderful world of dogs. Be a responsible dog owner. Your best friend is counting on you.

Paws-ibilities Unleashed – Celebrating the Dogs in Our Lives

Don’t Miss A Dog-Gone Good Time!
PAWSIBILITIES UNLEASHED “Celebrating the Dogs in Our Lives”
Flyball, Agility, Frisbee and other Dog Sport Demonstrations
Meet a Variety of Popular and Rare Breed Dogs
Find Out if Your Dog is a “Canine Good Citizen”
WHO:  Hooked on Dogs, K9 Kelts Dog Training and Shasta County’s Dog-Loving Community joins together at PAWSIBILITIES UNLEASHED and the AKC in Celebrating the Dogs in Our Lives and  AKC’s Responsible Dog Ownership Day.
WHAT: This Event is FREE to the public and for all dog enthusiasts:

  • Exciting and Informative Demonstrations: Flyball, Frisbee Dogs, Agility, Canine Freestyle (Doggie Dancing), Rally Obedience, AKC Canine Good Citizenship Test, Clicker Training, Search & Scent Games, Earth Dogs, Jack Russell Races, Schutzhund, Weight Pulling, plus various vendors, booths and other activities.
  • “Meet the Breeds”- Meet both popular and rare dog breeds
  • Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) testing – how well mannered is your dog? Take a 10-step test for AKC CGC certification
  • Chances to win Raffle Prizes

WHERE: Anderson River Park (Moose Grove), Anderson, CA
WHEN: Saturday, September 25th, 2010
TIME: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
All proceeds benefit S.A.F.E., a 501c3 Non Profit for Spay/Neuter Funds for Low-Income Families.

Another Dog… Almost… Not Quite… Good Thing!

I need another dog like I need another case of the swine flu! Of course one of the possible side effects of the meds I am on or perhaps the swine flu is delirium or halucinations! So what was I thinking when I looked at an email sent to me that I usually just pass along to people who might need a dog, but instead happened to take a look at one of the dogs… her name is Janice… her face reminded me of my Megan… so… in spite of how horrible I feel, I go down to the County Animal Shelter to take a look… my best friend Dee is driving! The whole time we are discussing how we can’t afford it, it’s not the right time, maybe one of our friends can take her until after the first of the year when finances MIGHT be better (fat chance!), will really work with Patrick and his dementia and Skippy and all his neurosis and Dani Joy always feeling left out because the other two are so demanding! Where would I fit another dog crate in my room? What about vaccinations, heartworm meds, spaying, etc…
Well… she is past due to be euthanized.
Well… she is only 35-40 lbs.
Well… she is chocolate lab and border collie.
Well… she is very sweet, gets along with all animals including cats and knows some obedience
Well… I got my mind back just in time and we went home without the dog.
In the meantime… YOU CAN FIND HER AT PETFINDER.COM along with many other dogs at the Shasta County Animal Shelter who need a home. Janice has been in there since July! So pray she finds a home soon!

What to do with your dog?

So… you have a new Puppy, a new Dog, perhaps you found your new friend wandering the streets, picked her out at the Shelter, or rescued him from a local Rescue group… what’s next?
The best thing you can do for you, your dog, your family is take a dog training class!
But… you might say, “I have books I can read, I can watch dog trainers on TV, I can surf the net, what do I need a dog training class for?”
Well… I commend you if you have done all your research! Bravo! Your dog will love you for all the effort you are putting in to learning about your new canine friend.
Or… you might say, “I have owned dogs all my life and have never had any problems training my dogs in the past, what else is there?
Dog Training Classes offer a great opportunity for you and especially your dog or puppy to socialize and test their dog training skills in a variety of distractions. Will your dog come to you when it sees a squirrel or a cat running in his path? When you take your dog for a walk on a leash, does your dog pull, get in your way, trip you up, get distracted and yank your arm out of your socket? Is your dog friendly to strangers or other dogs? Does your dog jump on you, your friends, your family? Can you trust your dog to be gentle with children or the elderly? Does your dog bark, whine, howl? What about housetraining issues? Does your dog Trust You? Are you the “Leader of the Pack”?
These are the kinds of things besides just a simple sit, down, stay that you can learn in a book. What if your dog presents a challenge that you never imagined and no matter how many books or articles or tv shows you gather information from, you are still left with no answers?
Each and every dog, just like people (even twins) are unique and have unique personality, breed and temperament traits. There is not only ONE way to teach a dog. Experienced Dog Trainers have learned to have what is called the “Trainer’s Toolbox” a variety of ideas and training techniques that will fit your own dogs unique personality.
As a dog trainer, I can offer some ideas, training tips, and yes Dog Training Classes. Presently, I have some new classes beginning at the Petco in Redding, CA.
For Puppies that are 3 – 6 months, there are classes beginning Wednesday, October 28th @ 5:30 p.m.
For the Family dog that is 6 months and older, there are classes beginning Thursday, October 15th @ 5:30 p.m. and Wednesday, October 28th @ 7:00 p.m.
For those who would love to do something a little more challenging and get an AKC Canine Good Citizenship Certificate, you can join the class that begins, Wednesday, October 15th @ 7:00 p.m.
Plus if you take a look at my website you will find more information about me, my dog training classes, free seminars and free 1/2 hour one-on-one private sessions.  K9 Kelts Family Dog Training.
I look forward to seeing you!