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Brief Introduction:

I have been training dogs for over 27+ years. Currently I have one dog: Joey, a 1 year old Italian Greyhound. The dogs pictured are: 2 Shelties, Patrick Ryan and Dani Joy with one Italian Greyhound, Skip (all passed away now).

Classes, Events, Training Info & Updates…

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Training Methods:

Dogs at Gridley June 2009

I take a unique, individualized approach to dog training that’s based on a scientific as well as an experiential understanding of canine behavior. I’m here to help YOU communicate with your dog in order to stop bad habits and replace them with good behaviors. With each dog I take into account the individual dog’s breed traits, history of socialization & environment as well as the dog handler’s skills and expectations. I believe that each dog has their own unique temperament and personality, so I do not ascribe to a “one size fits all”​ method of training. I follow the LIMA (Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive) philosophy as outlined by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Positive dog training techniques are used and yet, I make sure I have a “trainers tool box” full of ideas, time-tested techniques and current scientific evidence based methods that will give you and your dog confidence helping you build a bond that will last a lifetime.

As a professional dog trainer, it’s important to have a balanced approach to dog training. It is of utmost importance to keep current on the latest scientific evidence based learning theories in dog training and not get “stuck” on outdated or disproven learning theories. I also recognize that there is much to learn from old training methods and to not “throw the baby out with the bath water” so to speak. Animal Behavior Psychology is a constantly evolving field of learning. I continue my education and training experience in a wide variety of online seminars/workshops, traveling to conferences, books, subscriptions/memberships magazines, online email groups, consulting with other dog training professionals, and other learning opportunities

Dog Training Services:

Group training sessions encourage socialization and success. I offer numerous classes of Dog Training from Puppy Training and Basic Obedience/Family Manners, AKC Competition Obedience Classes. I also offer classes and testing/evaluations as an AKC/CGC Evaluator & Trainer in: AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Manners & Socialization, Classes & Title Testing for AKC/CGC, CGCA (Community Canine), CGCU (CGC Urban). I am an AKC Trick Dog Evaluator, an AKC Farm Dog Certification Judge and an AKC Temperament Test Judge. Periodically, additional classes offered either by myself or with other guest instructors: Fun Tricks for Dogs, AKC Rally Obedience, Agility for Fun, Flyball for Fun and other fun classes. I often will have upcoming student apprentice/intern dog trainers participate/assist in classes.

Education and Background

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