Meet Kathy’s Dogs (Past and Present)

“By the greatness and beauty of the creatures, proportionately the Maker of them is seen.”
– Wisdom of Solomon

Kathy currently shares her home and life with only one dog… an Italian Greyhound, Sir Skips-A-Lot (Skippy).

Kathy also has pages of her other dogs that have passed on and ones she has fostered. Each dog has their own unique personalities and Kathy adjusted her training styles and dog sports to suit each one’s own talents and abilities. Over the 25+ years of Dog Training, Kathy has learned that as more is known about animal behavior science, training styles and methods should change to keep up with the latest scientific based learning methods at the same time taking into consideration each dog’s breed temperament, individual personalities, and whether or not the dog had to overcome adverse events or deficient or damaging socialization in their formative years.

Follow these links to learn more about the dogs Kathy was privileged to own but have since crossed the Rainbow Bridge:
Kathy’s Foster Dogs…
  • Beau Ty – webpage coming soon
  • Kel – webpage coming soon
Kathy’s Childhood Dogs Gallery webpage coming soon!