Another Dog… Almost… Not Quite… Good Thing!

I need another dog like I need another case of the swine flu! Of course one of the possible side effects of the meds I am on or perhaps the swine flu is delirium or halucinations! So what was I thinking when I looked at an email sent to me that I usually just pass along to people who might need a dog, but instead happened to take a look at one of the dogs… her name is Janice… her face reminded me of my Megan… so… in spite of how horrible I feel, I go down to the County Animal Shelter to take a look… my best friend Dee is driving! The whole time we are discussing how we can’t afford it, it’s not the right time, maybe one of our friends can take her until after the first of the year when finances MIGHT be better (fat chance!), will really work with Patrick and his dementia and Skippy and all his neurosis and Dani Joy always feeling left out because the other two are so demanding! Where would I fit another dog crate in my room? What about vaccinations, heartworm meds, spaying, etc…
Well… she is past due to be euthanized.
Well… she is only 35-40 lbs.
Well… she is chocolate lab and border collie.
Well… she is very sweet, gets along with all animals including cats and knows some obedience
Well… I got my mind back just in time and we went home without the dog.
In the meantime… YOU CAN FIND HER AT PETFINDER.COM along with many other dogs at the Shasta County Animal Shelter who need a home. Janice has been in there since July! So pray she finds a home soon!