No Such Thing as a Perfect Dog

I was recently reading some posts in response to a column written in the local newspaper. The column mentioned the joys and trials of bringing home an adopted dog and the opinions and posts of the readers showed a lack of awareness and education concerning dogs in general so these are my thoughts in response to that article and the subsequent posts of the readers.
According to most statistical research the #1 reason dogs are in shelters, rescues and euthanized is due to behavioral problems. However the belief that all shelter/rescue dogs have problems is erroneous thinking. Likewise thinking all dogs coming from breeders are without problems is also erroneous. Many dog behavior problems can be solved through positive reinforcement techniques, exercise, training and dog sport activities.
It is important to remember ALL dogs are unique individual beings with unique individual personalities, so one training method does not fit all dogs or all people. We would never suggest that all children, all ages, all circumstances should be educated and disciplined the same. It is also important to realize dominating, punishment techniques have been long out-dated with children and yet we still maintain some erroneous punishment techniques with dogs.
It is important for all of us to become educated and more informed. Having a dog is a responsibility and a privilege. Come. Sit. Stay. Learn about the wonderful world of dogs. Be a responsible dog owner. Your best friend is counting on you.