Fire Hurts… Fire Kills…

It is with terrible sadness that yesterday, while the home was still being consumed by blazing fire, that I learned a Puppy, Starshine, had been trapped inside and died.
This little puppy just graduated from my Petco Puppy Class this past Wednesday with Pet Parent Betsy. She was so full of life, energy and smarts!
I got the call from another dog trainer friend, Barbara Darrow, who was going to work with her on Flyball and Dock Dogs and other Border Collie activities! Starshine, also called Star, was a red Border Collie. I was just getting ready to email pictures of her to Betsy, but hadn’t photoshopped them yet.
She will be greatly missed. I know Betsy lost her entire home, barely escaping with her life. Please pray for Betsy as she grieves the loss of her belongings and the loss of Star.