Summer Safety Tips & Warm Weather Care for Your Dog

Warm Weather Care
In certain situations it is important for you to do special things for your dog.
Hot weather is a time that dogs require very special care.
Dogs in Cars?
On a warm day, it takes only 10 minutes for the temperature inside a car to reach 120 degrees! Please, please understand that dogs should never be left in a car in hot weather. P.S. It is also against the law!
"Ooh, ooh, this is too hot! Ouch, Ouch!"
A dog that is walking on very hot sand or blacktop (asphalt) could burn the pads of his feet. Be sure to notice the ground in hot weather. Bend down and touch it. Would you want to walk on it with bare feet? If not, then it is probably too hot for your dog as well.
Remember to do these two things on hot days:

  1. Change your dog’s water often in warm weather. The water will taste better, and it will also keep your dog’s body cooler.
  2. Provide shade so your dog will stay cooler.

If you have a hose or live near the water, these are good ways to help your dogs stay cool.
Don’t let them exercise too much unless there is water nearby.
If you are salt-water swimming, be sure to bring drinking water along, because it is not healthy for your dog to drink salty water.
Don’t let the bed bugs bite!
Keeping your dog’s area clean is extra important in the summer. Fleas, mosquitoes, and other nasty bugs can make your dog unhealthy and unhappy if he is exposed to them.
Something to be aware of!
Summer plants and flowers are beautiful, but some can be poisonous if your dog eats them. Be on the lookout for illness (vomiting, diarrhea, excessive panting and nervousness) or strange behavior.

What are these? These are called foxtails and they can be dangerous to your dog.