Here are some videos of our graduation performance

Here are some videos of our graduation performance routine from the class we took called beginning Canine Musical Freestyle with Dani & Skip.
We learned how to have our dog walk in heel position on the left, we also taught our dogs how to walk on our right side calling it either “hip” or “side”. I used the word “side” because hip sounds to close to Skip.
We also worked on ways to move our dogs from one side to the other by either passing in front or cutting behind or weaves.
They also learned how to spin in both directions in front of us & beside us on both sides. Backing up, coming to the front, fancy about turns & circles.
We also were just learning how to bow. I think we were not too bad. And most importantly we had FUN!
With Dani (take 1)
With Dani (take 2)
I must mention the first three nights (out of six), Skip seemed like he was just not getting this. For those that know my little guy he’s come a long way in training & socialization so I thought he may have not been suited for this type of dog training activity.
However 4th night of class we added music to our steps & Skip came out of his shell & performed all that we had worked on like a champ!
So here he is… tail wagging, prancing & enjoying himself.
With Skip