Canine Freestyle (tricks, music, fun & more)!

Only one more night to Canine Freestyle class. Where your dog is the star!!! Dogs have lots of fun, dogs can dance, have fun, do tricks, have fun, learn fancy heel moves, & did I mention have lots of fun! Of course you will too! Owners don’t have to “dance”, but strongly suggested to have fun with your fur baby!

Teasers… NEW, FUN Classes Coming Soon!!!

Just a quick note… Pretty soon we will have ALL the information for our upcoming classes for April & May!!!
Just a hint… We will be offering a terrifically FUN & absolutely POSITIVE class to relax, bond, & DANCE with your dog!
Coming Tuesdays for 6 weeks, Beginning April 22nd, 2014
“Canine Freestyle” Class!
We will be learning some tricks, incorporating basic obedience & heeling all into a choreographed DANCE routine.
Even if YOU have two left feet and can’t dance, no worries! After all this will be a time to showcase your unique, one of a kind, special four-legged friend. Your dog will dazzle you & amaze you with his hidden talents just waiting to be discovered.
Check back, because in just a few more days we will have the registration info & packet ready for you to sign-up with.
AND since this is & will be a popular class, you must sign-up ASAP to make sure you get a spot because class space is very limited to give all the dance teams room to practice their moves.
I will also be letting you know who our fabulous, talented & skilled instructor will be in an upcoming blog.
Here are some videos to “wet your whistle”:
A Golden Reteiever:

A Great Dane
Little White Dog (perhaps a Havanese)

Two Border Collies

And a great mix of the 10 finalists at the world championship 2012

So stay tuned! In the meantime, look for your dancing shoes!
P. S. Other upcoming classes will also include:
Intermediate/CGC/CGC-Adv. Class
Rally Obedience Class
Puppy Training & Socialization Class
Family Dog Class (beginning basic training. & manners).
I’m looking forward to a great spring training seasons & seeing all of you too!