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Beau Ty

Beau Ty - My Foster Dog, An Australian Kelpie

Beau Ty (pronounced "Bow Tie") is a sharp-looking Australian Kelpie. He knows multiple commands, works willingly for praise and treats.

Beau Ty has been adopted!

On December 7th Beau Ty's previous owner had called the animal rescue, SNIPPP (Spay & Neuter Intermountain Pets and Pet Placement) to pick up him up in Burney, Ca. SNIPPP picked him up early morning in -6 degree weather with snow on the ground.

Almost daily I receive emails from various rescues and shelters about animals needing to find homes. That day I opened my email to see the request from SNIPPP concerning Beau Ty. All their foster homes were full, Beau Ty was temporarily staying at a Veterinarian's office and they needed someone to take Beau Ty. I sent SNIPPP an email asking a few questions about Beau Ty and after thinking it over, I agreed to foster him.

He arrived at my home that afternoon around 3:00 p.m. and we transferred Beau Ty into my vehicle and drove off to the vet to have his first set of vaccinations (he had only his rabies vaccination in November) and tested for Heartworm. He tested negative for heartworm. He was eleven months old, already neutered and microchipped when he came to live with me.

After the vet, I had dog classes to teach that evening so Beau Ty had no choice but to come along. Beau Ty had not been leashed trained or crate trained. But that night he was a real trooper, walking on a leash, staying in a crate while I taught dog classes and greeting people at Petco.

Beau Ty turned 1 year old in late January. On January 29th, 2010 Beau Ty joined me in my Animal Behavior College externship obedience classes under Cari Bowe of Shasta Dog Training. He graduated March 5th, 2010 and was 4th place in his class. I was very proud of him and how far he had come along.

Beau Ty gets along with my 3 other dogs and 2 indoor cats. He is good around children and all different types of people. He is learning how to fetch. He loves to play with his toys and plays with Dani Joy. He is house-trained, leash-trained, crate-trained. He has learned many obedience commands (sit, down, stay, come) he has also learned "wait" and still learning the command "off" to stop his jumping up when greeting people.

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